About Lithium Power

Industry experience in multiple vertical applications.

Our cross-domain knowledge of Smart Batteries can bring value to OEM customers in both battery design and innovative new features. OEM customers can leverage everything we have accomplished in lithium technology to improve their product lines.

Lithium Power’s unique Smart Battery Management System (BMS) – A significant advancement in lithium battery technology.

How does the addition of a Smart BMS improve a device’s utility? Let’s explore two recent examples:

  1. Before drone makers built in our Smart BMS, they faced major issues. There was no accurate way to tell how much power remained during a flight. This raised the risk of a drone running out of power mid-flight and causing damage to people and property.
With our unique BMS technology and communication protocols, our drone battery delivers precise fuel gauge information to the drone controller. The drone’s controller automatically forces the drone to return to the charging base when the power drops too low.
For professional drone users with video cameras (such as GoPro TM), our battery solution can support the extra power needed to fly the heavier vehicle without adding a lot of battery weight. We make drones smarter, more manageable, more functional, and safer.
  2. For users with high battery power requirements (5,000Wh and up), a single battery pack is too heavy and bulky for transportation and installation. Such a solution would be as bad as using lead-acid batteries.
Lithium Power’s unique Smart BMS allows batteries to charge and discharge in parallel. This unique technology utilizes a modular design to increase capacity, adding additional modules without requiring increased voltage.
For example, to meet a 10KWh battery power requirement, we will offer a design based on four 2.5KWh battery modules:
    • Easy to transport
    • Easy to install
    • Effective, cell-balancing power use controlled automatically by our Smart BMS
    • Dramatically enhanced battery pack reliability
    • Hot swappable and battery modules back each other up

The conventional charging system for an array of multiple lithium batteries is to use a balancing charger. This works poorly due to the lack of communication ability between batteries. For example, the whole battery system will continue to function even if one battery cell malfunctions. When the battery set gets too hot, safe operation standards demand that the battery, not the charger, communicate whether or not it should continue to charge.

Custom Made Lithium Battery Packs as Turn-key Solutions

Our practical knowledge of lithium technology and years of industry experience in its application delivers a quality battery design that works. We offer an original and unique ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) Smart Battery Management System (BMS). Our custom-made lithium battery packs provide turn-key solutions for specific markets such as robotic vacuums; e-bikes; UAV/drones; AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle); various electric vehicles; UL certified battery packs for two-wheel balancing hoverboards; UPS 19” rack mount batteries for call centers and telecoms; scalable lithium battery modules for solar power, and medical grade lithium battery packs for nursing carts and other portable medical device applications. Installation of our lithium battery packs is as easy as can be.

Most BMS available on the market are equipped with simple preset over-charge/discharge protection. Our BMS offers multi-level temperature, current, and voltage protection parameters as well as user configuration battery settings.

Using communication protocols like CANBus, SMBus, and Bluetooth, users can monitor and manage battery conditions and usage. LCDs and LED lights can also deliver important battery information.

We continue to offer professional turn-key solutions for custom-made battery packs with advanced features such as cell balancing, wireless charging, high C-rate discharging, highly-integrated power management, the Internet of Things and remote monitoring. We develop new technology through valued OEMs/ODMs opportunities. For nearly two decades, we have provided our customers with the high quality and advanced solution they need and deserve.

Strategic Partners

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Manzanita Micro (Kingston, WA)

Plasma Boy Racing (Portland, OR)

The Electric Car Company (Midvale, UT)

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