Winning companies need to adapt to the changing landscape of business and fully harness their opportunities. This requires sophisticated strategic plans, solid customer service, and ongoing research and development. To win in the Alternative Energy business turn to The Core IV, Inc., your strongest link to performance.

We offer: Mobile processing systems featuring the latest developments in renewable energy technology, equipping clients to produce their own fuels.

Core IV, Inc.’s ultimate goal, in concert with our family of strategic partners, is to create community-based alternative energy infrastructures that will make transportation energy profitable, jobs more plentiful, and communities more self-sufficient as they manufacture and control their own fuel supplies.

We have created an exciting vertically integrated energy business structure by assembling an award-winning team of experts in energy development. Our partners include leading technical research institutions and manufacturers, both in the USA and internationally.

Strategic Partners

Bloodshed Motors (Austin, TX)

Manzanita Micro (Kingston, WA)

Plasma Boy Racing (Portland, OR)

The Electric Car Company (Midvale, UT)

MDS (Escondido, CA)

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